Thursday, July 16, 2009

Clases, Semana Tres

I am officially done with class for the week, and overall it was great. Lunes (Monday) we had a test in both of my classes. The one for Cross Cultural Communications wasn't bad, it was an essay test with four questions, about pretty basic terms from class. However, then there was my Spanish test. I had studied that previous weekend, a lot, so I thought that I should have been prepared. I was sadly, sadly mistaken.

The second week, last week, I missed a day of class when I was sick. Apparently, I missed a lot of material that just happened to make up about a quarter of my Spanish test. Damn. I tried to bullshit my way through it, but with no luck. Instead, I just wrote a note on the test explaining that I missed the day we covered this, and if I would have been there, I would know how to do it.

Tuesday we had a field trip day, which I posted about before, and in Spanish we watched Amor en El Tiempo de Colera, Love in the Time of Cholera. It was a good reward after a terrible exam.

Wednesday was a normal class day, and so after two not-so-normal class days, time seemed to go so slowly. We just took notes in CCC and in Spanish we found out how we did on our tests from Monday. Fail. Big, big fail. Erica and I both completely bombed it. So, she cut us a deal. If we promised to study very hard and try very hard to do better on the next one, she would give us another chance and throw out the old test.

YESSS!!! We got another shot! So last night I went home and studied my butt off, until I was falling asleep on my books.

And today it paid off. We took the second test, and I got a 90/100. Yeah! A solid A-.

That certainly was a good ending to a seemingly long week. Now I just need to enjoy my weekend.

Right now, it's raining hard outside, and there was just a crack of thunder that sounded like it was right outside my window. Maybe this is what they mean by rainy season... It's completely pouring.

Hopefully this doesn't ruin my plans to go out tonight. I had big plans to check out a hookah bar I haven't been to yet, and a small small bar called Mojitos. We shall see how it is tonight at ten.

I also posted here another picture of this amazing city. I am sure you are all sick of seeing it, but trust me, it never gets old in person. It's amazing, and it continues to amaze me every day I am here.

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