Monday, June 7, 2010

Dear Chicago, I HATE Your Traffic

Driving through Chicago is a nightmare - plain and simple. I wish I would have really understood how bad it would be before we decided to go right through it. I'm not sure we could have really avoided it, but we could have tried at least. Traffic stopped, I mean to a halt, about 20 miles outside of the city and then continued all the way through Chicago and another 30 miles out of the city. Yuck.

The positive: we found the best hip-hop station that did some cool mixes and had the greatest DJ. He talked non-stop about bikini car washes and how 'bumpin' he was going to make his mixes. Really, I mean it was pretty cool.

I also got to see the Sears tower. Not up close, but from the highway. I can't remember seeing it the last time I went through Chicago, so it was a treat for me to be able to finally see it.

Not much else was interesting about Chicago and the surrounding area, except Chicago Public Radio. We were able to catch Car Talk and Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me before it was too fuzzy. It wasn't long enough, but it was still great. Then, we entered no radio land again, for the next 300 miles. Eew.

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