Monday, June 7, 2010

Michigan, Ohio, and Indiana - Oh My!

So we made it through Madison to visit Rich's friend and we were well on our way to the next stop on our journey, Little Town in the Middle of Michigan, Michigan. After hours in the car and then driving around in circles around the same four cow farms, we finally found the environmental study magnet site that Kali works and studies at. It turned out to be a beautiful day, so we spent a few hours lying in the sun next to a lake in the grass, talking, drinking cold cider, and playing with the neighbor's dogs. (My favorite part of the day, since I'm really missing Tobes and Kip these days.)

After we hung out for a few hours, we decided to grab some food and then head on our way; we still had almost six hours to go to reach our final destination for the night outside of Cleveland, Ohio. She brought us to the cutest little restaurant in 'town' and according to her, the best. I had a cob salad with grilled chicken and Rich had an angus burger with garlic mashed red potatoes. Kali had the same salad as me with shrimp. As an appetizer, the server brought deeeelicious homemade potato chips and a creamy garlic sauce. Oh man, it really hit the spot before we were back on the road.

So we were on the road again, and it was my turn to drive - oh goodie. I don't even know how many states we went through, but they were all boring, flat, and the tolls were insane. The only radio stations we could find were country (again) or Christian rock. Seriously, there were three different Christian rock radio stations. I guess we hit the edge of the bible belt. So we went through Michigan, around the Lake, Indiana, Ohio… and God knows what else.

At one point, Rich and I were so bored with the radio stations, we instead decided to entertain ourselves with howling at the moon. Yes you heard that right, we howled at the moon.

Let's see here, some more interesting things we saw:

-What I like to call the Repentmobile: an RV that was painted with Bible excerpts and the words

"Judgment Day - May 21, 2011".

-An absolutely breathtaking blood red moon on the Ohio Turnpike just after dusk

-Gary, Indiana

-Traffic, traffic, traffic


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