Sunday, March 27, 2011

I made gimbap! I made gimbap!

So today I decided I was ready to venture out and do something I haven't done yet - make some Korean food from scratch. Whew. I've made plenty of ramen, eggs, potatoes, etc., but really not any Korean food from scratch. So I tried something pretty simple, gimbap, which is very similar to sushi, except made with more humble ingredients like vegetables, canned tuna, ham, cheese, or kimchi. This was something I could handle. I love making sushi at home, and this was like sushi lite, totally doable. Well, I must say, the final product was delicious, and I didn't even NEED soy sauce. Yum!

My humble ingredients included egg omelette strips,
Korean radish, green onions, and carrots.

My delicious sticky rice (bap) with rice vinegar and sesame seeds.

The ingredients in the gim, ready to be rolled.
Then I added some wasabi paste on top.

The final product, chopped into pieces and ready to eat!

This experience with gimbap has really boosted my confidence with making Korean food. This was a pretty simple dish, but turned out great! I ate two huge rolls! Now that I know I can do it, I am going to make more Korean food, and will definitely be filling you all in about that when I make it. Next challenge, kimchi jigae, kimchi soup!

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