Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Jukto Market: Part I

Checking out Jukto Market was our first exploration of Pohang. The market spans many many blocks, and is a very important seafood market in South Korea. You can find any Korean ingredients you could want or desire here. Fresh fish and seafood of all kinds are available here, including king crab, sea cucumbers, sea squirt, octopus, squid, flounder, shrimp, anchovies, sea rays, and nearly anything else you might want. fresh fruit and vegetables are also quite abundant, and the most popular things are cabbage, Korean radishes (not a typical red radish, I haven't seen those here at all), prepared kimchi, sesame leaves, seaweed, Korean leaks (which look like big-ass scallions), dried sardines, mung bean sprouts, chili powder, and bean pastes (doenjang). On top of all this, many street vendors and small restaurant joints serve anything from sweet pastries to raw fish and squid.

This woman is deveining and chopping sea squirt (meongge).

Most alleyways at the market looked similar to this.

Freshly caught and gutted fish was aplenty at the market.

She was selling sesame leaves and Korean cabbage, which are both delicious with galbi gui which is marinated and grilled beef, grilled at your individual table in a restaurant.

A woman selling seaweed harvested from the ocean. Yum!

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