Thursday, April 21, 2011

Gyeongju... How I love thee...

So here's a little preview of what we saw during our day in Gyeongju, a city about 40 minutes from Pohang. I will add some more details about the city later, but here's a little eye candy for you!

The entrance to the tomb of a member of royalty during the Silla Dynasty (57 BC-935 AD)

Another pagoda, not sure which dynasty it is from...

Here's Rich in front of Cheomseongdae, the oldest astrological observatory in the Far East

It was 65 and sunny, so of course, yes, umbrella weather...

I only got one shot at this one since he was running past us. Luckily I got a picture of this little boy with his pinwheel. Cutest thing ever.

The pond in Tumuli Park


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  1. I love magnolias! I bet the smell was wonderful!


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