Saturday, April 2, 2011

I made something else! I did it!

So I've been contemplating making these for a while, but have just now had the time and ingredients to do it. They're hard to explain, but think battered and stuffed rice. Yumm. The original recipe I found on another blog dedicated to homestyle Korean cooking, called Beyond Kimchee. I would highly recommend it if you're interested in taking a shot at Korean cooking. She made her's with some delicious cheese and ground beef, but I changed a few things. As previously mentioned, the price of cheese here is ridiculous, so I skipped that. I also just picked up some bulgogi hamburger patties today at E-mart, so I chopped those up and added that instead.

Deeelicious bulgogi hamburger!

Then came the kimchi, which I chopped and added to the bulgogi hamburger while the rice cooked. When the rice was finished, I added some sesame seeds, and let it cool a little, so it could be handled. Then I formed them into triangles, like the recipe instructed, dropped them in some egg, and battered them with panko.

The filling on the left and my sesame rice on the right.

They fried up nicely, and very quickly. They were yummy golden nuggets when they were finished. Now, I don't know if this is a common recipe in Korea, but I gotta say, it should be!! These were soo good, even without the cheese. I ate mine with ketchup (of course), but could only finish one, they were so big and filling. The other is now in the fridge, and will probably become a yummy midnight snack later!

The finished product, perfect with some ketchup.

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