Sunday, July 3, 2011

Food I've been cooking lately...

If I haven't said it before, I will say it now: I love cooking and eating Korean food. It's generally fresh, healthy, and easy to make at home. The seasonings are both complex and straight forward and it's always a hearty but healthful meal. Korean cooks make sure to waste as little as possible, which is a philosophy I like to share and live.

Our first meal here, if you remember, was a steaming bowl of red broth soup with sprouts, beef, and green onions. The name of the dish is 육개장, or Yukgaejang. It makes the nose run and warms you to the bone, so it's been a fast favorite around here...

This is a banchan that I make on a weekly basis with Korean leeks, sesame seeds, and a sauce of bean paste, soy sauce, and seasonings. Rich really loves it and is especially good paired with some fried tofu and rice...

Finally, my new favorite meal, 자장밥, or Jajangbap. It's a sauce of black bean paste, seasonings, vegetables, and pork, served with steamed rice, and topped with fresh cucumber and sesame seeds. It's a favorite among kids here because it is slightly sweet and very saucy. I also made mine a bit spicy, but that can of course be omitted. Excited to make this again soon!

Those are just a few of the new meals we are eating. Hope you enjoyed!

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