Sunday, July 3, 2011

Our Kids

We work hard, Monday through Friday, and more often than not are exhausted when we're finished from work. We rejoice when Friday comes, and cherish our weekends like they were the last of our lives.

But... we work hard, toil away the days... for our kids, erm... students. We can't deny it, they've hooked us with their crazy antics and hilarious personalities. We have endless stories to share with each other at the end of each day about our students making us laugh or amazing us with just how smart they really are.

Oh, and they're the most adorable thing since puppies.

This is me before class has started, helping my students put away their shoes and backpacks. They are my youngest class and the youngest at the academy. Their Korean age is 5, which means that they may be as young as 3 and as old as 4.

Marco, in line to go to the morning program...

This is my other primary class and they are 1-2 years older than my other class... What hams.

Here's Rich with his homeboy Paul, a second year student.

Rich's oldest first year class. One with 8 boys and 3 girls... Whew.

Rich's student Lucy, one of the few girls in that class. She doesn't let herself get pushed around though... why she's on the floor is a mystery though.

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