Sunday, May 8, 2011

Awkward Korean Translations...

What we've noticed here in Korea is that people are obsessed with putting something in English on just about anything. It may be the name of their restaurant or shop, a shirt, a bag, or a cup. It seems that nearly everything has something in English pasted on it. More often than not, it's misspelled, grammatically incorrect, or... just awkward. I haven't had my camera with me all the time, but here are a few for you to enjoy.

I screem. U screem. We all screem for ice creem.

These cups say, "Life is like a box of chocolate, you never know what you're gonna". And I suppose you're right, you never DO know what you're gonna. They were so great, we bought two of these when we saw them.

Now this one, this is just awkward. Hisbeans Coffee? Eeew.

Minutemen. Meatpuppet. Descendents. Angst. On Broadway. Saturday, January 22. 9pm.

Huh?! This might mean something, to someone, somewhere, but to me it just looks awkward. And even if it does mean something, why in the hell is it being sold in Pohang, South Korea? It certainly doesn't mean anything to anyone here, beyond the obvious cool-factor of carrying something with English on it...

So there's your fist installment of Awkward Korean Translations. I am SURE there will be more to come.


  1. The bag is a list of punk bands signed by SST records. here is a picture of one in china No clue why a Texan record label has bags in Asia.

  2. I can't wait to see more of these! They made me giggle! :)


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