Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Little Camera Field Day (or, Rich looking serious all over town)

I recently bought a new camera from a coworker, and have just begun to play with it. However, I am looooving it so far, as it's the first DSLR camera I've owned. It is a Canon EOS 450D and so far I have only used a 50mm Canon lens. It's the most fun I've ever had taken photos of ANYTHING and I haven't even gotten into editing/modifications yet!

Just wanted to share a few shots from a little test run I took around Pohang. This is a seriously FUN camera. I can't wait to shoot some more. Also, on this blog, only the shots from Homigot were from my DSLR. All other photos were either from Rich's Panasonic Lumix or my Sony Bloggie video camera.

Here's a photo of a set of stairs at shee chong or city hall. It leads up to hiking trails that give you a nice view of our part of town.

Here's a shot of a pagoda at the top of the hill. Behind, you can see our neighborhood a little, but more shots of the 'hood to come. (Don't worry, it's not the hood...)

I've seen these a few times. I think they're called meditation paths. They're often in a labyrinth-type pattern, though this one is pretty straight. They consist of different sized rocks and slabs placed at equal intervals, and it's intended that you walk on it barefoot. They're not as zen as I was expecting. They actually feel pretty awful.

A flower Rich picked for me :-)

Here's Rich in our neighborhood, holding said flower and I snap more photos... So serious!

And here we are in an outdoor gym. We have nicknamed these 'ninja gyms' since they pop out of nowhere. They're everywhere too, and people actually use them. Most of the equipment is pretty silly, like this one that swings you 45 degrees in each direction from your waist down. Boo. Again, Rich looking serious.

As I have more adventures with my camera, I'll certainly post them.


  1. I am glad you upgraded to a DSLR, your photos are great. You have a good eye. I really like the ones you took a while back at the market of dried fish and octopus. I didn't realize you were just using a point and shoot before. Pinch Richie's bottom for me, love.

  2. I love your pictures, and you will continue to love your camera! More, more & more...


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