Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our Apartment

So remember that one time I said I would have pictures of our apartment soon? Nevermind that day was about a month ago, it has arrived! Here are a few shots of our apartment. Excuse the messiness, fuzziness, etc. I took these quick!

This is the first thing you see when you come in the door. Our enormous microwave, enormous fridge, and the billions of pictures we have posted all over that we brought from America. To the left, past the fridge, that's our kitchen. Yes, the whole kitchen.

Here's another shot of the same area, but now you can see our cute little inherited dining room table. That multicolored atrocity on the table, that's our rice cooker. She gets used just about every day here in Korea. When in Rome! Past those frosted doors is our washer and... no dryer. We hang dry our clothes. From where I am standing here, if you turn 180 degrees, you'll find...

The bathroom! It's incredibly small, and if you've noticed, there's no proper shower. Well, that is correct, there is indeed no shower. I repeat, no shower. There's that little spigot above the sink, and a little button on the bathroom sink that redirects the water flow from the sink to that little shower head-ish thing. It's not fun. I definitely am missing using a real shower. The problem is that once you shower, the entire floor of the bathroom and the entire toilet are wet, for hours. It's a pain, to say the least.

If you turn right from the bathroom, the first room is our TV room, which also stores our clothes. We only have one chair right now so... we switch out. Rich is a sweetheart and lets me use it if I've cooked. You can also see our Game Cube, which was gifted to us from Reed. The main reason I wanted to show you two shots of this room is so you didn't miss out on the lovely yellow wallpaper. It's a horrid mustard yellow with metallic sheen multicolored roses on it. Who in their right minds thought this was a good idea!? I would like to meet this person, and knock some interior decorating sense into them...

Last but not least, here's our bedroom. There's a little desk/vanity to the right, and the bed to the left. Not much to say... we have a living plant (!!!) and brand new sheets, which we're both excited about. There is not much else to say about our bedroom. Pretty plain.

Well there's our virtual apartment tour. Our apartment is small, but it's just enough for us. Hope you enjoyed!

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